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Gala Concert of the 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra
December 30, 2023
The 27th MUSIC-WINE celebration has already become a tradition, where every year on December 30, the world's one and only 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra gives a grand gala concert.
100 musicians play at the same time on the grand concert, performing popular melodious tunes while the audience is tasting selected outstanding wines of Hungarian wineries.
This year we continue the tradition, treating our guests to famous operetta excerpts of Ferenc Lehár and Imre Kálmán with performances by distinguished operetta soloists. The show will conclude with the inevitable "Pacsirta" and the Radetzky march, conducted by the principal violinist József Lendvai Csócsi.
Annamari Dancs Péter Laki
Annamari Dancs
soloist of the
Budapest Operetta Theater
Péter Laki
soloist of the
Budapest Operetta Theater
A special feature of the evening will be a wine tasting during the interval, where the audience will be able to taste excellent wines from Hungary's selected winemakers and wine cellars. Guests who would like to partake in an epicurean journey along with the concert experience can enjoy savory snacks or even a four-course festive dinner accompanying the Orchestra's unparalleled performance.

Delicious meal, famous wine, splendid show and fantastic milieu with the 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra on December 30th, at the Budapest Congress Center.
7:00 pm   Concert, Part 1 / gala dinner at the tables on the ground floor
Khachaturian: Sword Dance
Brahms: Hungarian dances No. 5
Kodály: Intermezzo
 Kuruc tunes – taragot solo
Monti: Czardas
Hubay: Hejre Kati, czarda scenes and variations
Dinicu: Hora staccato
I. Kálmán: The Czardas Queen – Sylvia's entrance song
 (Annamari Dancs)
I. Kálmán : Countess Maritza- Play Gypsy (Péter Laki)
I. Kálmán: The Czardas Queen – There's nothing more beautiful
 than love (Annamari Dancs)
 The Czardas Queen – Girls are the thing (Péter Laki)
Bizet: Carmen (medley)
Marquina: Spanish gypsy dance
8:00 pm   interval / wine tasting
8:20 pm   Concert, Part 2 / gala dinner continues
Rossini: William Tell (overture)
Z. Horváth: Gipsy fire
J.Strauss: Gipsy fire
J.Strauss: Lightning and Thunder (polka)
J.Strauss: Tritsch-Tratsch Polka
 Cimbalom Solo
Shostakovich: The second waltz
Reményi: Fly my swallow (violin duel)
I. Kálmán: The Czardas Queen – Hajmási Péter
Huszka: Elizabeth – Hortobagy, land of the mirage
Szirmai: Mike the Magnate – Cymbal's clanking pitiless world
I. Kálmán: The Czardas Queen – Bruderherz
 (Annamari Dancs and Péter Laki)
Dinicu: The lark
J. Strauss: Radetzky March

Reserved the right to change the program.
Price list
V.I.P. Category
– at 8 personed tables with dinner and wine:
170 EUR
I. Category
– at 8 personed tables with dinner and wine:
154 EUR
II. Category
– at 8 and 4 personed tables with dinner and wine:
130 EUR
III. Category
– at 6 personed tables with wine & salty snacks:
70 EUR
IV. Category
– concert ticket with wine-tasting:
57 EUR
V. Category
– concert ticket with wine-tasting:
45 EUR
VI. Category
– concert ticket with wine-tasting:
40 EUR

Budapest Congress Center
Budapest Congress Center
1124 Budapest, Jagelló str. 1-3.